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I been asked by a client my opinion of some domain names they were thinking of registering and I thought they are all good keyword (term searched for) domains, but where do you draw the line?
You could end up with hundreds of domain names.

I look at it like this…

Each domain is like car number palate, there’s only 1 and cherish numbers are worth more. is a cherish domain, because it has a meaning.

Microsites have normal number plates. One of the domains they were interested in was, which is just as good as, 2 main keywords in them.

You can still have a cherish domain for a microsite, for example, where there are only main keywords and these get easier with longer keyword phrases. An example of this was a micro site we were already working on, all 3 words in the domain are the keywords we are after.

A little trick I use when choosing a domain name is checking what people are searching for.

You can either use your AdWords keyword/traffic tool or (and an easy quick check) use Google search bar.

I’ve just registered to start promoting microsites properly. There is going to be a lifetime on this, as soon as Google can work out now to stop SEO by paid ads, the organic leads/sales will stop. The microsites are still very good for ppc and have a higher conversion rate though.

Anyway… type microsite in to a Google search and the drop-down shows the top search terms. Microsite masters is first (which is tracking software), then microsite example, then microsite design.

Branding over SEO would suggest or, but I want traffic.

Quick check of Google AdWords tool to make sure…
Searches last month:

  •         880
  •  170
  •      1300

Why the hyphen you ask? We are constantly split testing every area and periodically rechecking results. The last domain testing was +/- 2%, so we gave it a year or so and are checking again.

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