Beginners tips to help create a successful Google Adwords campaign.

tips and tricks
  1. Setup conversion tracking – This is essential to be able to monitor the performance of specific keywords, ad copy and landing pages, especially within a campaign setup to produce more sales and leads.
  2. Location – If you do not do business throughout the whole of the UK be sure to set your campaigns to only target the areas you want.
  3. Create Ads that will make users want to click it because it states exactly what they are searching for, don’t be afraid to add your prices if you are selling something, someone who cannot afford your price is less likely to click on it; a handy trick is to use keyword insertion to achieve this.
  4. Always create at least 2 ads per adgroup and set your ad rotation to rotate so you can easily see which ad has performed better after it has received sufficient traffic, delete the poorest performing add and create a new one to help find the best creative which will achieve the highest CTR.
  5. Keyword match types – Make use of the matching options available, most broad match keywords can attract a lot of unwanted traffic.
  6. Negative keywords – Be sure to add as many negative keywords as necessary to prevent unwanted traffic, especially when using broad and phrase match keyword types.
  7. Search Terms – Explore the search terms regularly which have triggered your keywords for your ad to show. This will help you to find new keywords and phrases to add to your campaign and also to find keywords and phrases you would need to add to your list of negatives.
  8. Never use the Auto bidding option without a Max CPC bid set unless you want Google to choose whatever maximum CPC bids it determines will earn you the most clicks possible within your budget, which can work out very costly when first setting up a campaign.
  9. When using the Display Network it is better to create separate campaigns for just the Display Network as it helps to monitor performance and costs easier and also CPC is usually a lot cheaper on the Display Network.
  10. Manage your budget so as not to be missing out on the busiest times of the day or night, your ads will stop showing if your budget is exhausted too early.
  11. Add your Adwords to your Google Analytics so you can see exactly what your visitors are doing after they arrive at your site from clicking your Adwords ad.
  12. Landing pages – target your ads to specific relevant pages on your site, don’t make a visitor have to search for what they want on your site. If they have searched for oranges they would expect to be taken to a page where they can buy oranges.

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