Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign Tips

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Enhanced Campaign is becoming more efficient, enabling better incomes, incomes previously lost by an inability to target users at the device level. But now Enhanced Campaigns features have been in beta test since February though learning how to maximise these features could be challenging. And how do you make an income from Enhanced Campaigns?

Here’s a description of the exciting new features currently in beta. Now all you need to work out is how to maximise your incomes then deliver them to your users.

1. Mobile Optimized Ads

This, the most powerful feature of Enhanced Campaigns, enables you to target campaigns at the device level. Using copy written for a mobile device rather than writing a generic copy is increasing mobile CTRs (click through rates) and income generating transactions which less forward thinking advertisers have missed.

Tip: Developing a mobile optimised site or responsive design is the optimum way of attracting customers and providing a user-friendly experience. Whether or not your site is responsive, you should never opt-out of mobile search because you could be losing a significant amount of revenue. It’s all about focusing your campaign strategy on user intent, in this case by creating a mobile optimised website, enabling you to capture the demand whilst maintaining brand standards and values.

2. Keyword-Level Mobile Bid Control

One of the aims of any company is to be easily accessible, when keywords are typed into a search engine you want your website to be the first to be found; more visibility means more clicks which equals more customers. Keyword-Level is different on different platforms and the price for control also varies, it’s tough competition but complete control over any single device can be valuable.

Tip: Choose keywords carefully by researching into the words your audience search most, weighing this against the competition and what they would also be willing to pay for the same keyword control.

3. Enhanced Site-links

This Google feature lets you edit links, giving more flexibility and control of these links. This will give you more details about every link and should draw site visitors, your potential customers, further into your site.

Tip: You can load in up to 6 site-links, but generally only 4 show. Enhanced Site-link click through rates were noticeably higher than the traditional 2-3 line ads (which was also mentioned on the AdWords blog).

4. Geo-Bidding

Geo-Bidding enables you to identify where your customers link from geographically, allowing data analysis regionally, so by identifying where your customer is you can ascertain which regions are generating the most income. This allows you to create campaigns focused on regions and for retailers with high street locations to create personalised messages to those customers in the marketing database near an outlet through a promotion straight from your landing page. This optimises the effectiveness and economy of your of promotions.

Tip: Get a heat-map and analysis showing SOV (share of voice), average position, and CPC (cartesian perceptual compression) throughout the area you’re targeting from your Google representative so you can begin plotting the best way to use the new geo-bidding features.

5. “Opt-Out”

These new features can maximise your marketing spend but you need to change the way you run your campaign, do not settle for your old ways in an ever-changing business.

Tip: You need to monitor your campaign traffic by device and adjust bids down as needed, creating a keyword ID mapping sheet between desktop keywords and mobile keywords to tailor the campaigns accordingly.

It’s good business sense to incorporate Enhanced Campaigns using these tips; these strategies have been used by some companies already, giving them a competitive advantage at device level, but it’s not too late to get in on the act.

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