‘Content Keywords Report’ Likely To Be Axed In The Google Search Console

google keyword 2

Google’s John Mueller claimed in a Google+ Friday morning that they are more than likely going to axe the content keywords reports in the Google search console. This statement was made at the 32 minute mark, explaining it causes confusion around how Google ranks pages, therefore wanting to kill the whole process off.

Mueller said….

“With regards to the content keywords portion⦠I think that refers to the Content Keywords feature in the Google Search Console. And from my point of view, I kind of would like to turn that off because it does confuse people, like here. And it kind of almost suggests that the more often you include the same keywords on your page, the more likely it will be relevant in the search results, and that’s definitely not the case. “

He also added that he would like people to let him know if you want Google to keep it….

“So if you have good ideas why we should keep the Content Keywords section in Search Console, maybe drop me a note on Google+ so that we can look at that before we hit the red button and turn it off.”

The report was originally designed to demonstrate how Google understands your site and warn you about potential hacks. If Google did remove it, it would be fantastic if they could keep the notifications of unwanted pages being added to the site.

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