Must Know Web Design Advice For Small Businesses

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It is no coincidence that small businesses have an unwanted reputation for acquiring outdated and ineffective websites.  If you own a small business, there are steps you can take to ensure your business website does not make the same mistakes so many have done in the past. Just follow the rules of design as you plan and create your website. Remember, aesthetically pleasing should be the number 1 goal in this process!

Custom Design or Template?

You must first decide whether you want to have a pre-designed template for your website or a custom designed template. It shouldn’t be a stressful task when deciding on which to choose, if you have web design experience yourself, or have assembled a team with web designing experience depending on the size of the business, go with a custom design that has been specifically created for your business. BUT, if you are complete beginner starting from the bottom with 0 web design experience, go with a ready to use, attractive website template. The price of web templates can vary drastically from extremely expensive to completely free, so ensure to do your research when making a final decision for your website.

MUST Be Responsive!

In this day and age, most internet users visit websites through their smartphones and tablets which of course obtain smaller size screens and different size ratios than desktops and laptops. If you have decided to not use responsive web design, a web design that allows users to access through multiple devices to enter your website, then you are potentially kicking yourself in the foot at the thought and probability users will not give your website the time of day for a second whilst using smartphones and tablets. As most of the our country now uses mobile phones to browse websites, web design must be responsive in order to keep a user logged into your website for as long as possible, to increase the chances of a conversion!

Quantity or Quality of Image

Whilst deciding on images for your website, you must ask yourself the following question, do you care more about image quality or image quantity for your website? You may decide you’d like to achieve both quality and quantity of the images, and you may end up with an attractive website, but a website that takes ages to load infuriates every single one of us and causes us to close or return instead of being patient. Whether we like it or not if your website is slow, users will be lost.

So, make sure image quality is focused on ensuring you have fewer photos on the website in order to prevent slow loading screens for images. Whereas, if you have a certain page on the website in which image quantity is more valuable, drop the image quality in order to keep multiple photos on that page without slowing down the loading speed of the page, keeping visitors ‘user happy’.


Keeping these things in mind you can guarantee your website appeals to users the moment they enter your site. Failing to prioritise your web design WILL lead to unhappy users before they are even given the chance to find what they’re specifically looking for.

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