The Difference Between Sales And Marketing Is That Marketing Owns The Message And Sales Own The Relationship

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In the business world, you often hear about “sales” and “marketing.” They might seem the same, but they do different things to help a company succeed. Think of it like this: “Marketing is about the message, and sales are about the relationship.” Let’s learn more about what this means!

Marketing: Creating and Owning the Message

Marketing is like the messenger of a company. It’s all about telling people about a company’s stuff in a way that makes them interested. Here are some important things marketing does:

  1. Learning About People: Marketing people find out what people like and need. This helps them know what to say to make people interested.
  2. Making the Company Special: Marketing people work to make a company stand out. They give the company a special style and look so that people remember it.
  3. Making Things to Read and Watch: Marketing creates things like ads, articles, videos, and posts on social media. These things help people learn about the company’s stuff.
  4. Finding Possible Customers: Marketing also helps find people who might want to buy from the company. They make plans to get these people interested.
  5. Special Campaigns: Sometimes, marketing people have big plans to tell people about something new. This is called a campaign. They use ads and other ways to show off the new thing.

Sales: Making and Keeping Friends

Sales is like making friends with people who might want to buy from a company. Here’s what sales does:

  1. Being Friendly: Salespeople get to know possible customers. They talk to them and listen to what they need.
  2. Helping with Choices: If someone is thinking about buying, salespeople help them pick the best thing. They ask questions and give advice.
  3. Fixing Worries: Sometimes, people worry about buying something. Salespeople help them understand and feel better about it.
  4. Making Agreements: When people want to buy, salespeople talk about the price and other details. They make deals that work for both the buyer and the company.
  5. Suggesting More: After someone buys, salespeople might say, “Hey, you might also like this!” They help people find other cool things.

How They Work Together

Even though marketing and sales do different things, they need each other. Here’s how:

  • Marketing Helps Sales: Marketing gets people interested. They tell people about the company and its stuff. Then, when salespeople talk to those people, they are already a bit interested.
  • Sales Helps Marketing: Salespeople talk to customers every day. They know what people like and don’t like. This helps marketing make better ads and messages.


Sales and marketing are like a team. Marketing gets the word out and makes people interested. Then salespeople make friends with those people and help them buy things. Both jobs are important, and when they work together, a company can do really well!

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