Don’t Continue To Do What You’ve Always Done Just Because It’s Easy To Do

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People often like marketing they’re used to because it feels comfy and safe. But there’s a problem when you keep doing the same marketing just because it’s easy and familiar. In this article, we’ll talk about why it’s important to try new marketing strategies, even when it seems scary.

The Trap of Staying Comfortable

Imagine a zone where you feel safe and calm. That’s your comfort zone. It’s where you like to be because it is easy and doesn’t make you nervous or stressed. It’s okay to have a comfort zone, but if you stay there all the time, you might miss out on marketing opportunities and new business.

The Fear of Change

One reason people don’t like change is because it can be scary. It’s like going into a dark forest you’ve never been in before. But guess what? Change in marketing is happening all the time, and it can help you learn and grow as a business if you’re willing to give it a try.

Why Marketing Change Can Be Good

  1. Getting Better: Trying new things helps you learn and become better at stuff. You can learn new skills, see things differently, and become stronger when you face challenges.
  2. Doing Well in School and Work: At school or work, people who aren’t afraid of change often do great. They take on new tasks, find smart solutions, and move up in their careers.
  3. Being Creative: Doing the same things over and over can make you less creative. When you try new stuff, you start thinking of cool ideas and new ways to solve problems.
  4. Solving Problems: Change can bring new problems, but that’s okay. It helps you become a better problem-solver and more adaptable.
  5. Feeling Confident: When you try new things and succeed, it makes you feel good about yourself. You get more confident each time you face a challenge.

How to Try New Marketing Things

  1. Set Goals: Decide what you want to achieve when you try something new. Having goals gives you something to work towards.
  2. Take Small Steps: You don’t have to make big changes all at once. Start with small steps, and then you can try bigger things later.
  3. Be Ready to Learn: When you do new stuff, be open to learning. It’s okay to make mistakes because that’s how you learn.
  4. Ask for Help: It’s okay to ask for help from friends or family when you try new things. They can support you and give you advice.
  5. Look Back on Your Progress: Sometimes, it’s good to see how far you’ve come. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small they are.


It’s normal to like easy, comfy and safe marketing, but real growth comes when you step out of your marketing comfort zone. Don’t just stick to what’s easy; try new things, challenge yourself, and you’ll discover exciting marketing opportunities and learn new stuff. Remember, amazing things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

Easy Marketing Quotes By #MarketingDreams.

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