Create A Minimal Viable Product Or Website, Launch It, And Get Feedback

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In today’s world, when you’re thinking of making something like a website or an app, you don’t have to make everything perfect from the start. You can start with a simple version that has just the most important parts. This is called a “Simple First Version” or SFV. It helps you find out if people like your idea and what they think about it. Let’s look at how to make an SFV, share it, and hear what people have to say.

1. What’s a Simple First Version?

A Simple First Version, or SFV, is like a basic model of what you want to create. It has the main things you need to solve a problem. It’s not fancy, but it works enough to show your idea.

2. Figuring Out Your SFV

Start by thinking about the problem you want to solve. Who are the people facing this problem? What’s the main thing your idea does to help them? Just focus on that main thing. Don’t worry about adding extra stuff.

3. Making Your SFV

You don’t need to be a computer expert to create your SFV. You can use tools that make it easier, even if you don’t know a lot about coding. The point is to create something that shows how your idea works, even if it’s not perfect.

4. Showing Your SFV to Others

When your SFV is ready, you can share it with people. You don’t need a big launch event. Just let friends, family, or anyone who might be interested know about it. Tell them why your idea is cool and how it can help them.

5. Listening to What People Say

People who try your SFV might have thoughts about it. They might like it or have suggestions for improvements. You want to hear what they think! This helps you make your idea even better.

6. Making Changes

After hearing what people say, you can start making changes to your SFV. You’re not making it perfect yet – just fixing the important things based on what people said.

7. Making it Better

Once you’ve fixed the important parts, your SFV is getting better. You can add a bit more to it now. Think about what else would make it even more helpful for people.

8. Why Feedback is Great

Doing things this way has many good things:

  • You Learn: Feedback helps you know what people like and don’t like.
  • You Save Time: Starting simple means you don’t waste time on things people might not want.
  • You Save Money: Making a basic version costs less than making everything perfect.
  • You Care About People: Listening to feedback shows you care about what people need.


When building and marketing a website start with a Simple First Version, share it with people, and listen to their thoughts it is a smart way to make something new. It’s like taking small steps to get to a big goal. Don’t worry about it being perfect at the beginning. Just focus on solving the main problem and making it better based on what people say about your website and marketing. This way, you have a better chance of creating a website people really like and need.

Website Marketing Quotes By #MarketingDreams.

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