Domain Registry of Europe Strikes Again!


Another associate has been taken in by these charlatans.

They send a very officious letter (there are reports of emails as well now),  for all intents and purposes a bill, to the postal address used to register the domain. Emblazoned with ‘Domain Name Expiration Notice’ they are actually agreements to transfer your domain to them and at an inflated price. Because they have the full details explained in the small print they are not breaking any laws and because they offer the service paid for you cannot claim your money back.

All domains registered by us, on behalf of our clients, are automatically renewed and locked to stop transfer. However if you send this company money you lose it. Be on the lookout and If in doubt ask!

Registration Services Incorporated other aliases:

  • Domain Registry Services
  • Registration Services Incorporated
  • Domain Registry of Europe
  • Domain Registry of America
  • Internet Registry of Canada
  • Domain Registry of Canada
  • Domain Registry of Australia


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