10 Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website

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Backlinks are an integral part of optimising a web site to appear higher in Google’s search results. In layman’s terms, Google looks at a link to a web site as a vote. The more votes a web site gets the more trustworthy it must be, so Google will list it higher in searched results.

  1. Find sites and ask nicely for a link. This can be anything related to your website, but it’ll be easier if there’s a strong connection (e.g. If they sell your product or mention your site they might be more inclined to link to you).
  2. Check websites that already list you. Make sure there are no sites linking to old web pages or have no web address, if you find any ask them to update the link/listing.
  3. Find directory sites and add your listing.
  4. Sign up for forums, add link to your signature and make posts. Find existing forum posts and reply to them.
  5. Swap links with other web sites. Offer them a link on your site for a reciprocal link on theirs.
  6.  Find web sites with advertising on them and ask how much for a text link. Text links often cheaper than banner adverts, and more beneficial to your site.

More good ways to get backlinks…

  1. Linkbait. Write helpful, interesting articles for your site. Other sites will start linking to these without you asking them to.
  2. Give away something free. There are millions of sites listing free stuff and they will all link to your free offer.
  3. Start blogging!!! As much as possible, all with unique content and all with a link to your web site.
  4. Set up your own submission directory listing site.


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