Web Design vs Web Development: Do You Really Know The Difference?

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According to recent survey’s, there are 1,336,300 available jobs out there for web developers. Whereas, there are only 200,870 open positions for web designers. As you can see, the hiring demand between the both demonstrates a vast difference. But why is this? And which field are you more suited to?

Salary is not always the most important factor when it comes to making the choice you face, but it’s certainly up there on most candidate’s requirements. In relation to web design and development, salary is definitely worth taking into account. The median salary for a web designer = £32,564. The median salary for a web developer = £58,176. So, as you can see, there is a big difference in yearly salary for the job you are being asked to do. But why is one paid so much more than the other, when both have the target and eventual outcome of creating a beautiful and functional website?

Web designers are like architects, skilled in colour scheming, graphic design and information flow. Designers are scientifically proven to use the right hand of their brain hemisphere, which utilises creativity and imagination. When attempting to gain employment and work as a web designer, degree level education is not essential. BUT, an impressive portfolio of past work is a must. Also, you need to be skilled in software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. A lot of web designers take the natural step into web development, mostly commonly for the following reason of, ‘there was something missing”.

If web developers are the architects of the web then developers are the builders, without coders, then plans would never come to life. Programmers are usually skilled in programming languages such as PHP, ASP, Python, CSS as well as many others. The advantage of being a top developer is that their skills are in high demand. Good programmers with an eye catching portfolio tend to very easily find jobs and employment.

As many differences and similarities you can find between web development and design, they do seem to produce the same pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages of both does seem to be the appeal of flexible working hours as well as doing something you love. Also, the ability to work from anywhere. But, it’s important to find the appropriate balance between working and social life. Many developers and designers within this industry can either find themselves working too much, depriving quality time with friends/family. Or, they may find themselves socialising and not working when they should be, leaving themselves unable to be contacted when most needed.

So, which do you choose? Web Development or Web Design?

Well, the answer in fact is, don’t choose! Without both web developers and web designers equally doing their job, there is no usable web! You won’t know which field you prefer unless you’ve experienced both, so let fate take you in the direction of one or the other. Then make your decision to stay put at one if satisfied, or try the alternative.

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