Using Autoresponders to Create a List

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An Autoresponder is a programme that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular email address/ or account. For example, you may find occasionally when you follow somebody on Twitter and receive an instantaneous private message sounding something like, “Thank you so much for the follow, if you wish to sign up to the following blah blah blah etc”, this is what we would call an Autoresponder.

Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a one page web page that is specifically designed to compel visitors to opt into your list. You do NOT sell on a squeeze page. The main goal of a squeeze page is to convince, persuade or otherwise ‘squeeze’ a visitor into providing the most desired piece of information to a web designer, the visitors email address.

Another phrase you’ll also be required to know in regards to Squeeze Pages is ‘COPY’. Copy is the term used for any written words used to sell or promote something, in contrast to photographs or any other methods of layout within a web design.

As mentioned the sole purpose of a squeeze page is to build up a website’s list. A company’s ‘List’ is the web term for its customers or potential customers. A key factor to remember when creating your squeeze page is to NEVER ever sell on it, this may cause the customer to assume they are only attempting to make money out of you. There are the 19 Golden Words most web developers to when it comes to deciding  on the content of their Squeeze Pages, they are as follows.

Tell ‘em what you’ve got

Tell ‘em what it can do for them

Tell ‘em what to do now “.

 BENEFITS- Always ensure you’ve listed 6 or 7 points as to what your service can do for the visitor/ customer.

Using Autoresponders

Autoresponders are referred to by professional web designers as a marketer’s secret weapon, if applied correctly and effectively Autoresponders can generate rapport with a customer and manage your list without clicking a button. Some web hosting company’s offer free Autoresponders, but tend to be extremely basic and ineffective at large.

Visitors who have received the Autorespond message/email can be broken up into two categories, PROSPECT & CUSTOMER. Prospects are classed as someone who has signed up to your list, so they have opted in, but they have NOT yet bought from you. Whereas customer, yeah you got it, someone who has bought from your site and put their trust in your company’s quality.

The Journey of your Visitor





If a visitor signs up to your list, they are officially turned into a PROSPECT.  After clicking submit, the very next page is usually a ‘Thank You’ for signing up page which will want you to confirm your identity and that you aren’t a robot, which always seem a little silly, but we all know what I’m talking about. Your prospect then visits their email to confirm. Doing so, a 2nd email is sent with a link to the download page, the download page then links to a free feature or gift, whichever you decide.


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