Do You Know The Best Images To Use For Your Articles/Posts?


Content marketing requires more than just well written text to be effective. In order to obtain the attention people writing posts and articles crave, you must choose the correct images strategically. When chosen thoughtfully, images will enhance your contents popularity, catch the eye of the reader and increase your chances of being found through organic searches.

Why are images important if the content is stimulating? It is believed that blogs with images gain 94% more clicks than blogs without, and certainly social media content which receives far more attention when a photo is attached. The reason is simple and obvious, people are naturally drawn to an image rather than just the title of the article/blog.

So what types of images are best?

In your content strategy there are various ways to use your images, each with individual strengths depending on the thought that goes into choosing the correct image for the specific article.

Blog Images

These are a NECESSITY. Most commonly found within the header or within the text, they represent the articles content basis and often used on social media posts to entice a user to read. Try and use simple images, pretty, funny etc. will be even better.

Product Images

Product images are a definite requirement for any e-commerce platform. An image will be required for every product offered, which is high quality and in relation to the rest of your images. Users can then easily contrast and compare products.


Now these may require time and effort, but if done correctly can be effective. Infographics will contain valuable stats and information, which are extremely effective for gaining social media sharing. They do not require written content to describe them and become magnets for inbound links.

Where can you go for Images?

The challenge of finding the best images is what most bloggers find the most tasking. The 2 key things that must be considered are the appropriateness of the image and ability the image has of calling attention. BUT, seeking free images can be a tough task and paying for them can get expensive. Here a few sites you may want to explore for the best deals and free offers on licensed images…..

Pixabay- Offer a great search feature and free accounts. Features more than 400,000 images shared by designers and photographers

Wikimedia Commons- A free database with the use of millions of images.

Compfight- A system that allows you to search for both free images and paid stock photos.

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