Google Text Ad Changes 2018

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Extended Text Ads


Let’s start off with the basics, what is a Google text ad?

Google Advertising expanded Text ads


Many of you advertisers are already aware a text advert is a form of marketing used when promoting products on Google. You find these ads on the searches result page and other Google networks such as their display network. Text ads consist of text more specifically headlines, description and  display URL’s.

Now we have covered the basics we can jump right in with the real reason you are reading this post, to find out how the Google texts ads have changed and how this will affect marketing efforts?

Google text ads expanded! Not only are there now more fields for marketers to take advantage of, you now have more characters in each. Now having up to three headlines per text ad, consisting of thirty characters with the added bonus of a second description line. The max amount of characters for which have been increased to ninety characters each. The display URL remained relatively the same allowing two paths at fifteen characters each. Allowing two paths doesn’t mean you get to display two URL’s instead means the URL you display is more specific to the advert. For anyone still unclear the URL will be displayed

The second description and third heading may not always be shown on Google’s results. No need to panic more often than not Google will show the entire expanded text ad. If the third headings aren’t showing you might want to look at the add rotation settings.

advertisers Expanded text ad content marketing image


What does this mean for marketing strategies?

It means you will have a decreased limitation on the amount of characters you’re able to use granting you more freedom with text ads, giving you more space to better market products and entice your audience. The expansion of the text advertisements may have a negative reaction on marketing, the text adverts are now longer they could over shadow organic listings making them look less impressive in comparison.

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