Google’s URL Shortner is being discontinued.


Google’s URL Shortener is coming to an end. March 30 2019 is fast approaching so any existing users that are still using the console should start thinking about alternatives.

There are plenty of alternatives and as google finishes their service you will have to start finding an alternative. Especially if you are new to URL Shorteners since the console has been closed to new users since April 2018.

With URL Shortener’s being an important modern marketing tool allowing you to shorten links so they can be posted without going over character limits

additionally; Using a short link will also increase the engagement that your ads and posts receive as they are so much shorter and don’t stand out as much so the focus of the user stays with your content not a long domain name.

This will ultimately increase user engagement, users experience and engagement overall. That’s a significant amount of benefits your ads can receive for such little effort, it’s literally a case of copy and pasting your new short URL.

We are sad to see the console disappear and it is going to leave huge boots to fill.

AI6 NET is a newly launched free to use domain link shortening service that looks very promising.

Currently AI6 NET have not set any limits on the amount of short codes you can create or the clicks per month you can receive so there is nothing holding you back unlike many other URL Shortener’s on the market which include caps that require you to pay fees to increase those caps.

AI6 NET is currently 100% free and doesn’t require any sign ups or subscriptions, only time will tell if these limits are imposed.

According to the site AI6 NET has a couple of features they are developing which has me as a marketer very excited. The team behind AI6 are currently working on including tracking and vanity URL’s.

The tracking will allow you to see how well the short codes are doing and ads are performing by recording the click through rates, with the vanity URL’s allowing you to personalize your short codes and include your domain or sub domain.

It is unclear as of yet if there will be paid features, but I for one am interested to find out and will be subscribing to the AI6 news letter when that’s available.

Could AI6 be the URL Shortener to replace the console?

Only time will tell but with all the proposed added features and further improvements to AI6 NET there is a strong possibility it will. With a dedicated team behind AI6 it could even end up out performing

Since the AI6 service is completely free and does not require you to sign up I will include a link to their site below and you can check it out for yourselves.

Link: URL Shortener

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