If You’ve Tried Adwords & Struggled, Here’s 3 Things That Can Make All The Difference…

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1. Use The Right Keyword Matches

By far the most common mistake we see is Using the Wrong Match Type!
Time and time again our PPC-MOT highlights the wrong match type for keywords, wasting thousands of pounds on clicks for unrelated searches.

If you leave it to Google, it will show your advert for keywords with the most tentative connections. For example: a kitchen/bar stool company wasted over £2k on clicks for “blood in my stools” and a Coat Hanger company caught out by a viral video and paid £1k on clicks for “skydiver falls onto hangar roof”.

TIP: Don’t start with broad match keywords and work towards exact match, do it the other way around and save your money for searches looking for your product/service.

N.B. The wrong match type creates a poor Click-Through-Rate and lowers your Quality Score, which actually increases your Cost-Per-Click.

2. Structure Your Campaigns & Use Adgroups.

A lot of accounts have all their keywords in one Adgroup and show everyone the same ad.
Sort similar types of keywords into their own Adgroup and keep checking your Search Terms. If a Search Term is getting a lot of traffic, or converting well, create a new Adgroup for it. This way you can show a dedicated advert that matches what someone searches for, which will achieve a higher CTR. You’ll also pay less for the clicks as your Quality Score will increase.

TIP: Use ‘exact match’ for your strongest keywords, in their own Adgroup, to achieve the best results.

N.B. Ending up with hundreds of Adgroups is a good thing.

3. Create Negative Keyword Lists

There’s no way to pre-empt every search term that will trigger your ads (unless you are only using exact match type). Keep checking your Search Terms, add non-relevant searches to the Negative lists and save your budget for what counts.

TIP: You can search for generic negative lists, copy them and add them to your account.

N.B. You can use Negative lists at Campaign level, blocking overall keyword searches (e.g. employment, research, free, sex, etc.), or at Adgroup level, which is a good way of forcing searches to the correct Adgroup.

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