You Must Either Modify Your Dreams Or Magnify Your Skills

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Dreams are like guiding stars that inspire us to reach for something better in life. They give us a reason to work hard and aim for our goals. But sometimes, things get tricky on the way to making dreams come true. We might face big challenges that make us wonder if our dreams are still possible. That’s when we have to decide: should we change our dreams a little or work on getting better skills? This article explores why this choice is important and how it can help us succeed.

The Magic of Dreams

Dreams are like the seeds of our goals and wishes. They show us a picture of the future we want, and they push us to take action. Whether it’s wanting a special job, achieving a personal goal, or making the world better, dreams help us stay focused and give us the energy to overcome problems. Without dreams, life might feel a bit boring.

Facing Limitations

Dreams are wonderful, but they have to deal with reality. Sometimes, our dreams are bigger than what we can do right now. We might not have the skills, knowledge, or money to make them come true. That’s when we have to make a choice: do we change our dreams to make them fit our current situation, or do we work on getting better skills to reach our dreams?

Changing Your Dreams

Changing your dreams doesn’t mean giving up on them completely. It’s more about making your dreams match what you can do right now. This can be a smart and practical move, especially when you’re facing really tough challenges. By changing your dreams a bit, you can still have a purpose in life and a goal to aim for while staying realistic.

For example, let’s say you dream of becoming a famous musician but you don’t have the talent or money for it. You can change your dream to becoming a local musician who shares their love for music with their community. This way, you can still follow your passion while dealing with your limits.

Improving Your Skills

On the other hand, improving your skills means working hard to get better at something. It’s about spending time and effort to learn what you need to make your dreams come true. This is a brave choice because it asks you to keep going even when things are tough.

For example, if you dream of being a famous musician but you don’t have the skills, you can take music lessons, practice a lot, and learn from experienced musicians. By improving your skills, you can slowly get closer to your original dream, even if it takes some time.

Finding the Right Mix

Choosing between changing your dreams and improving your skills isn’t always easy. Sometimes, a mix of both is the best way to go. You can change your dreams a bit to make them more possible right now and, at the same time, work on getting better skills for the future. This way, you can keep your passion alive and move closer to your dreams little by little.


When you chase your dreams, you’ll run into problems and limits along the way. When that happens, remember you have a choice: you can change your dreams a bit to fit your situation or work on getting better skills to overcome the limits. The important thing is to find a balance that keeps your dreams alive while helping you get closer to them. So, whether you change your dreams or work on getting better, know that every step forward brings you nearer to making your dreams come true.

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