Remember to Backup Your Emails

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Friday saw another client panicking after accidently deleting a vital email folder. It’s easily done and could happen to anyone. Also there’s the risk of your Outlook file corrupting.

Some very common reasons an Outlook file can become corrupted:

  • You could have shut down Outlook improperly.
  • Automatic compacting of your Outlook .pst files fails mid-task.
  • Outlook’s Control Data Extensions can become corrupt or even be removed.
  • There’s always the chance of human error or you could catch a virus.
  • The file size of your Outlook file (.pst) could be more than the recommended 2GB file size.

Microsoft provides a Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook. This adds a backup button in Outlook and the ability to set reminders. Then when you exit Outlook it automatically runs the backup and saves your emails, contacts, tasks, etc.

Click here for Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup

Click here to enable Personal Folders Backup add-in to work with Outlook 2010


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