Snapchat opens its own Snap store.

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Snap chat is planning on selling its own merchandise on its recently opened snap store, the store is located in the discovery section of the Snap chat app and you can currently already purchase a dancing hot dog plushie and a wink face sweatshirt as well as a few other pieces of merchandise with new products scheduled to be released. Snap chat has previously sold some of their merchandise on amazon but before the release of the Snap store many of there products was removed to be sold exclusively by Snap.

By selling there own merchandise on the snap store, Snap will be able to increase loyalty and brand awareness with the merchandise essentially acting as advertisements. A spokesperson has said that its not a serious revenue stream for them, that creating its own merchandising is something they are doing for the community. But it still should bring in some revenue, which would also benefit them and help them achieve revenue targets which they was able to reach last quarter.

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