Exact Match Keyword Mistakes

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Close variants of exact match keywords in Google Ads are like a tool that helps advertisers reach more people without losing the precision of their ads. Normally, exact match keywords are strict and only show ads when someone types the exact keyword. But with close variants, Google includes words that are similar or mean the same thing.

For example, if an advertiser has the exact match keyword “running shoes,” close variants could include searches like “run shoes” or “running sneakers.” This way, advertisers don’t have to make a long list of all possible word variations – Google does it for them.

Close variants cover things like plurals, misspellings, and abbreviations. They make sure ads show up for searches that have the same idea, even if the words are a little different. This helps advertisers be more visible to people who might be interested in what they’re offering.

However, there’s a balance to keep. While close variants expand the reach of ads, advertisers need to watch out for showing up on searches that aren’t really related. This can happen if the variation is too far from the original keyword. Advertisers should regularly check reports to see what words triggered their ads and add any words they don’t want to show up for.

Google Ads gives advertisers some control over close variants. They can choose to stick to only the exact keyword if they want. But when used well, close variants can be a helpful tool for advertisers to get more visibility and increase the chances of getting people interested in what they have to offer.

Google Does Make Exact Match Keyword Mistakes

Exact match keyword = video redaction software

Google’s close variant = ghjcnjq htlfrnjh dbltj

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  1. Ryan on 20th November 2023 at 11:03 am

    Another close variant of exact match keyword from Google Ads… htlfrnbhjdfnm dbltj
    Matched to “video redaction software”!

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