Why Should You Submit Your Website To Search Engine’s And How Do You Do It?

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We highly suggest submitting your website pages to multiple search engines. But remember, search engines do NOT guarantee a high ranking of your page because you have manually submitted it. This is a tool to let search engines know that our new information has been shared.

We’d recommend submitting your websites pages to Yahoo and more importantly Google. But don’t forget Bing as they have made it clear that submitting sites is what they prefer designers to do. In order for search engines to prevent themselves from copious amounts of spam, they have implemented manual submission.

It’s so important to submit all of your sites to major search engines as they have millions of users, and that’s excluding the major leader in Google, there are still so many other users other than just this well known giant. Once submitted, it can take 2 to 4 weeks for your URL and domain name to be indexed onto the search engine. Occasionally you may find that your page has not been indexed after being submitted, if this does occur, please wait 4 weeks and attempt to resubmit and index the pages again.

You may be unhappy with the ranking results of your web page, if so take a look at what your competitors are doing to get where you want to be. The basic rules of search engine optimisation must be followed. Resubmit the altered pages to the search engines once the appropriate changes have been implemented. Until you are listed in the major search engines results, you can submit your pages a maximum of two times per month.

Submitting your website pages to Google

It’s very quick and easy to submit using Google’s URL. Go to Google’s webpage for URL submitting, type in your URL, type in the message that ensures Google you are an individual and not a robot, then click “add URL”. You can also submit your site map to Google via their webmaster tool.

Submitting your website pages to Yahoo

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been powering Yahoo since 2010. When submitting your site to Bing you will also show up in Yahoo’s search results, which is a benefit for obvious reasons. Although Yahoo directory is no longer available, they longer have a paid submission process.

Submitting your website pages to Bing

Just like Google, Bing allows you to submit your URL. First go to Bing’s webmaster page, whilst making sure you have a valid Bing login.  Simply press submit after entering your URL homepage. Once verified, you are done!

Submitting your website pages to Ask

Unfortunately Ask no longer allows you to submit your website pages. This was something they disabled, and now simply and solely crawl sites.

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