Top 3 best social media analytics platforms for your business

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Every businesses goal is to grow, grow and grow some more.
And in today’s world, marketers are consistently posting engaging content; from blogs and articles, to polls and giveaways to catch the eyes of their prospects. It’s easy to see if your social media is expanding- simply by checking your follower count or the amount of likes on your page; but how do you really know which parts of your strategy are working well, and what parts aren’t as successful?
That’s where social media analytic tools come in.
Now, thanks to the intelligence of technology, tools exist to capture and collect statistics from your social media profiles; you can view pretty much any type of data you want about your posts: the number of likes, shares, engagement, click throughs, the list goes on…
Meaning you can continuously optimize your content strategy and outsmart your competition!

Here are in my opinion 3 of the best social media analytic tools to implement in your marketing plan:


This is just a sneak peak of what buffer has to offer. The great thing about this site is that it covers and manages all the main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and its latest addition Pinterest.  
There are many tools and packages this site has to offer. Here are my favourite tools  of the site that have benefited my social media accounts the most:
Scheduling and Publishing:

The website gives you the option to schedule and publish content to platform(s) of your choice in advance or immediately; you can choose your own times, implement a schedule of your choice or you can even let Buffer do the work for you and choose when the best times are for you to post!

Analytics and Statistics:
When you post from the platform, you will be able to view each posts analytics, as well as view your top performing and your worst performing content which you can refine through types of engagement such as likes, shares, comments and link clicks. This is very useful because it will help you get to grips with what types of posts are most successful and which posts aren’t benefiting your social media pages.

URL shortening:
Buffer also offers an URL shortening tool ‘’. When the tool is implemented, the site will be able to give a report on how many times the link has been clicked and how well the post is performing. This can also come in handy when you’re posting on sites with a character limit such as Twitter, the feature will give you more space to write relevant information, and even include some extra hashtags!


Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite provides you with URL shortening, Analytics and Statistics and Scheduling and Publishing.

But there are a few key differences:
As well as supporting all the major platforms that Buffer does, Hootsuite also allows you to manage WordPress and further applications such as Youtube and Instagram, which can more versatile if your company exists on a wider selection of sites.
Hootsuite main advantage is its range off features- anything you wish to do in terms of social media, the site’s got you covered!

Although complexity isn’t one of Buffers strengths, you get a much less complicated and straight forward site.
In my opinion when choosing between the 2 would be (considering my last paragraph), Hootsuite is more for larger corporations, with a range of social networking platforms, that wish to monitor every single aspect of their content. On the other hand, Buffer would work best with smaller companies hoping to get more of an understanding of how their posts are driving people to their site and growing their social media


Followerwonk is a tool solely for Twitter; providing users with a thorough analysis of their profile’s activity and followers.   This tool gives you such a clear insight in everything you need to know in relation to your Twitter; you can view when you most commonly post (times of the day and days of the week), when your followers are online and the tool even shows the type of audience (followers)  you are attracting and puts them into categories such as their follower count, how active they are and how many tweets they’ve made.
FollowerWonk is partnered with Buffer meaning you can use Followewonk, as well as all the handy tools from Buffer together!

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