Quick Email Marketing Legislation Checklist

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Email Legislation Checklist

  1. If the person you are sending to has had no contact with you previously – you need to ask for permission first.
  2. If you have already done business together, or have built up a relationship then you can email them until they ask you to no longer send emails.
    N.B. You must be offering SIMILAR products and services to those previously offered.
  3. Make sure your email makes it clear who it is from.
  4. Include a valid reply address.
  5. Include an ‘unsubscribe’ link in your emails.


An easy way to create a marketing list is to focus your resources initially on your web site and search engine marketing. Attract relevant potential customers to your site, get them interested in your products and services – and take the opportunity to ask them to sign up for your email newsletters, special offers and information. This gives you all the permission you need.

If you are unsure, check www.ico.gov.uk. Above is a basic checklist and it does NOT replace proper legal advice. We can’t take responsibility for any consequences caused by following this list.

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