Is Google Right?

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True or false: Most if not all of your content should include a direct sales pitch.

Google’s top definition of a Direct Sales Pitch

A direct sales pitch is a prepared speech given face-to-face, mentioning all the features and benefits of the product. The sales pitch conveys passion and enthusiasm for the product. After the initial excitement is created, the sales pitch immediately turns into a direct call for action, which involves making the sale.

Ok, drop the face-to-face bit, but isn’t that exactly how we want our business website to work? After all, building and promoting it has cost money, it has to produce ROI (unless you’re a Charity, or run a hobbysite).

We put together a Content Planner & Page Layout guide a few years ago, to help clients understand what content is needed for their webpages and how to get it across. We feel the list is still relevant today

  1. USP:
    a. The page title/headline
    b. A sub-title/supporting headline
    c. Another statement for reinforcement.
    d. One last compelling argument to conclude.
  2. A powerful image or video to inspire interest.
  3. The benefits you can offer.
    a. A list of benefits in bullet point form.
    b. In detail explain the benefits and features.
  4. Social reviews and testimonials.
  5. Your conversion goal with the desired action.

Looks a lot like “direct sales pitch” to me.

True or false? What do you think?


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