Click Farms: The Present Web Phenomenon.

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The web is riddled with Click Farms.

 Workers, in penurious countries, work in rooms manifested with mobiles to generate traffic for click fraudsters. The farms can charge as little as $8 for 500 clicks on a site, and the workers are paid peanuts to sit in a room for hours upon end, simulating traffic to cheating companies and social media users who pay for the service.

The worst thing about click farms, believe it or not, is that there aren’t actually any official rulings that render click farms as illegal; so social media sites are forced to take their own action to put people off buying from the fraudulent farms.

The penny dropped for many cheating businesses when Facebook made an approach asserting to companies that fake likes don’t actually benefit them – they don’t provide them with any fan/customer loyalties or any extra profits (the factors that are most valuable to companies).

Facebook expressed:


Despite this, click farms certainly haven’t stopped, and in today’s online-operated world, it’s predicted it will be a long time until they do.

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