ATTENTION: Google Expanded Text Ads Have Gone Live!

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From October 2016, advertisers will no longer be able to upload/create normal or standard text ads. As of yet, Google has not set a date when standard ads will no longer run with ETAs, but they have warned advertisers that they should make time to test standard and expanded advertisement formats against each other to make certain they are properly using ETA’s (Expanded Text Ads).
To put it more simply, the requirement is that advertisers will run A/B tests with standard and expanded text ads for a certain amount of time.

ETA’s include two headlines, up to 30 characters and 80 characters for a description. The extra copy was specifically designed to give mobile users more information according to Google and an average CTR bump of 20% from initial results.

A limitation even though Google gives advertisers a total character count of 60 for headlines, is that advertisers have already seen the second headline get truncated on desktop if they do not wrap the headline. On Twitter, Google suggests a limit of 33 characters to avoid headlines getting cut, though that does a tad excessive. You can use the ‘ad preview’ tool to see how your ads will appear before going live with them.

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