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It’s been over two decades since Bill Gates proclaimed


And from that moment on, the phrase became a phenomenon to Search engine optimisation Experts  (SEO) and marketeers across the world.

He said………………..

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet… the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment..”

Microsoft founder and guru became the worlds richest man since May 2013, we can all see why with this tremendous foresight?

As conventional  approaches are becoming less and less effective by the day, content has without doubt  wormed its way into the heart of every strong advertising strategy, and is used religiously by expanding businesses big or small .

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is an inbound marketing approach all about telling a valuable story – whether it’s educational or entertaining; the aim is to create an informational and emotional connection between both the customer and commerce.

This technique is about making a brand footprint, but it does not stop there; unlike conventional methods used by outbound marketeers which can come across as pushy, content marketing has an aim to pull an audience in by benefiting and adding value to their lives.

How can content marketing benefit my company?
Ultimately, success is on every company’s wish list, whilst reaching aims and aspirations in the process. Content marketing is the strategy that can make any businesses dreams a reality; as Bill Gates said “No company is too small to participate” (or too big).

How choosing this technique can benefit your business:

Building a brand image
Ask any digital marketing professional how to be successful online, and they’ll all say the same thing:

“Regularly create and share relevant, captivating content”

Content should well and truly be a key component of every company’s advertising plan; as it has the ability to portray your brands values, personality and ultimately promote your businesses objectives in a perceptible way.

By writing content that inspires readers, whilst  educating and entertaining you will begin to craft yourself a reputation of being a helpful and reliable source to your current and prospective customers; by doing this routinely and regularly your audience will start to prioritise your brand when looking for information and even when they’re interested in making a purchase.

Search engine optimisation: boost your place in the results page.
On top of all the valuable benefits  that quality content can bring in terms of creating a brand image; it can also have an advantage where your website is placed in a search engine results page. Did you know, Google receives on average 3 billion searches per day? This alone puts into perspective that surfers really are constantly looking for new information, and how effective having an online presence can be with the right information on your site.

It may come to your surprise that SEO and content marketing overlap (a lot); if the content you’re sharing is built with the foundations of an exceptional marketing strategy, which fulfils your audiences needs, your website will climb higher and higher on the search engine results page (SERP) ladder; essentially giving you an advantage over your competitors, driving more traffic to your site and within time, generating you more leads.

Boosts your social media
Content can also increase your interactive multimedia reach while interacting with your target audience, all by showing off your brands personality and what you stand for. Posting compelling content will give you the opportunity to inspire millions of social media users (whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any platform) if someone likes what you post, they’ll share it with their followers, creating a ripple effect of impressions and engagement.

Marketing your brand through social media can also help people put a character to your brand. By humanising your social media, it can help you to build a closer relationship with your audience, and offer you the golden opportunity of showcasing your companies’ personality.

Think of businesses such as McDonald’s, Nike and Oreo; brands we love and ultimately know very well. This is because they have developed a brand voice, whether it’s associated as comical, educative or charming we all feel close to the brands we love.

As you can see, there are countless ways content marketing can benefit your brand, our new brand of Marketing Dreams can help you achieve this.


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Article written by Jordie Dale

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