SEO Optimisation: Relevant content

Part 1:

The Importance of Relevant content


I am sure many of you are aware that it is important to have relevant content on your sites, that’s like web design 101. But did you know having relevant content can impact your SEO Rankings.

Let me explain, the more useful and relevant content that is on your site the longer your visitors will spend on your website taking it all in. the amount of time people spend on your site is one of the factors under consideration when deciding the SEO rankings.

A good word count to have per page is around is a minimum of 500 words but 2,000-2,500 gets more attention

With a good word count between 500-1,500 words you can’t go wrong because it’s just enough information to keep them reading for awhile without being too many words scaring visitors away in seconds. But some of the higher ranked sites that get a lot of attention contain around 2,000-2,500 words on average. That doesn’t mean 2,500 would be right for your site and increase your rankings. Your word count is reliant on the subject matter of the page and the relevance of the content to the subject.

But from the title of this post you probably suspect it’s not just about word count and you would be right. No one is going to sit there and read even 500+ words if it’s not relevant, or helpful in anyway. You need to strike the perfect balance between content length and content relevance.

Having high quality and highly useful content on each page will increase the chances of your pages being bookmarked by the visitors and that’s just bonus points which will rank those pages higher.

And for those of you wanting to rank even higher the longer content length provides you more opportunities to sneak in some more key words and sneakier yet outbound links.

Don’t miss part 2 of the SEO Optimisation series, same time next week.

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