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DKI or Dynamic Keyword Insertion, if you want to get technical, is yet another revolutionary feature by Google, and is guaranteed to change the way you see your marketing. But, to understand the benefits of DKI (which are endless), we must first understand it.

Don’t be fooled, dynamic keyword insertion is not as intimidating as it sounds. Simply put the DKI feature will update your text adverts by including keywords triggered from a users search query.

How Will Your Ads Benefit?

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Relevancy is arguably the most important part of any ad. If a user see’s an advert that isn’t relevant to them the only way they are likely to click the ad is by accident, swiftly followed by them leaving the landing page before it even has time to load. But with dynamic keyword insertion you will be taking your ads to a whole new level of relevancy as specific keywords they used in their search engine will now be appearing in your advert.

Google highlights matching keywords in bold to make them stand out to the user. So, if the keywords within an ad match the keywords the user used in their search they will be more visible. But, here is the twist, with DKI your keywords will always stand out because no matter the search terms used your keywords will match and be shown in bold because they are dynamically changed.

So not only is your ad now more relevant to each user, they are also more visible now which is guaranteed to increase your click through rates. The customer is using the search engine to ask the world “have you got this product” and your ad will be right there reassuring the customer saying “look no further old friend we have exactly what you are looking for”.

“With great power comes great responsibility” but with relevant ads comes a higher quality score and we all must bow to the judgement of the quality score. For those unfamiliar with the importance of the quality score, it impacts the performance and cost of your ads.

Landing Pages

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For those of you thinking of DKI’s potential beyond ads, I must inform you that you are in exactly the right place.

From the subheading “Landing Pages” we all know where this is going. Landing pages work in the same way as the ads although slightly trickier to pull off. The keywords on the landing page will be updated to display the keywords the visitor used in the search engine. DKI isn’t just limited to the headline of the landing page either; oh no, DKI can be used on all the content on the landing pages.

If your mind wasn’t blown already, it is now.

By customising the landing page to match your visitors search terms, you have made your landing page more relevant. Therefore ensuring the visitor is more compelled to read through your content boosting your conversions.

Much like with your ads, it doesn’t do any harm to your quality score. In fact it does nothing but increases your quality score, so treat yourself and go insert some dynamic keywords.

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