Facebook Messenger Marketing With Chatbots.

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What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are highly sophisticated robots designed to take over the world, not really… but they totally could.

Chatbots are programs with the purpose of engaging with customers through various messaging mediums such as SMS and social media platforms. They can be programmed to respond automatically to any incoming messages with a default message or can be programmed to reply differently depending on specific keywords in the initial message.

Some of the higher end chatbot services even use machine learning techniques to allow their chatbots to learn and adapt their replies to specific situations instead of having a different automated response for different keywords.

Whether you realised it or not we have all at some point in our tech filled lives engaged with a chatbot, maybe through a window on a webpage offering assistance or got a reply to an email saying that person is unavailable while they are away. It’s all Chatbots.

Click-To-Messenger Ads

Click-To-Messenger ads are ads that appear in Facebook messenger, once clicked they allow the customer to initiate a conversation through the messenger app where they can enquire about your products and services.

Now I am sure you are starting to see where chatbots come in.

The chatbot will be able to answer all enquiries from potential customers and because the responses are pre-programmed their reply is almost instantaneous keeping the customer engaged and preventing them from losing interest and moving on.

You can even use chatbots to reduce your cost per action (CPA) within the message app.

Here’s How!

Step 1- is to create a new campaign in Facebook Ad Manager, the objective of this campaign is MESSAGES, so be sure to set it as such.

Step 2- is a step everyone should be familiar with as we are setting the ad budget and targeting our audience

Pro tip: you will see better results when remarketing to audiences already interested in your brand

Step 3- time to build the chatbot. You will need chatbot building software for this but if you look around there are plenty out there.

You will need to run through all the chatbot building steps on your chosen software and customise your responses to your ad. The aim of which is to keep customers engaged and wanting more, so that they keep progressing with the conversation up until the point when they are convinced and purchase your products

Step 4- the final step is where we finish the ad set up back in Facebook Ad Manager after creating our chatbot. You choose your ad format and Facebook page just like you do when running any other Facebook ad.

Now it’s time to import our chatbot, you do this clicking custom templates still in the setup phase and replace the code with the code of your created chatbot which you will get from your chatbot software.

Doing this will automatically implement tracking on your Facebook ads but you should double check the tracking just to be certain.

All that is left to do is finalise your ad and get it up and running.

You might be wondering does it work, is it really that easy?

Go find out for yourselves and then come back and let me know.

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