Customers Are Usually Very Good At Identifying Their Problems, Not So Much The Solutions

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In the world of business, hearing from customers is super important. They can help businesses get better and make cooler stuff. But there’s a funny thing that often happens: customers are good at pointing out what’s wrong, but they’re not so great at figuring out how to fix it. In this article, we’ll explore why this happens, what it means, and how companies can use customer feedback to make things better.

The Problem-Solution Puzzle

Customers are like detectives when it comes to finding problems. They use products and services every day, so they notice when things don’t work right. They can tell businesses what’s bothering them, what’s hard to do, or what’s missing from a product or service.

But here’s the tricky part: customers usually don’t have the answers for how to make things better. They can point out the problems, but they’re not great at suggesting solutions. This puts businesses in a tough spot because they have to figure out how to fix things based on what customers are saying.

The Consequences

  1. Missed Opportunities: When customers can only say what’s wrong and not how to make it right, companies might miss out on great ideas for making their stuff awesome.
  2. Communication Confusion: Customers get frustrated when their problems aren’t fixed, and businesses can’t always understand what needs to change, causing confusion.
  3. Wasting Resources: Trying to figure out what to do without clear solutions can be a big waste of time and money. Companies might try lots of things that don’t work because they’re guessing.

Solving the Puzzle

To solve this problem-solution puzzle, businesses can use these strategies:

  1. Listen Carefully: Companies should really pay attention when customers talk. They need to understand not just what’s wrong but why it’s a problem.
  2. Be Kind and Understand: Being nice and trying to understand how customers feel is super important. Companies need to see things from their customers’ point of view.
  3. Team Up: Businesses can work with customers to come up with solutions together. They can ask customers for ideas through surveys, meetings, or special groups.
  4. Try and Test: Once there are some ideas, companies can make small versions of them to see if they work. This way, they can keep improving.
  5. Use Data: Companies can look at the numbers to see what customers do. This can show them what problems are most important and where to focus.
  6. Teach and Talk: Sometimes, customers might not know about all the ways to fix a problem. Companies can teach them about new features or products that could help.


Customers are really good at finding problems in products and services, but they often need help figuring out how to make things better. This might seem like a problem, but it’s also a chance for companies to grow and get creative. By listening, being kind, working together, using data, and teaching customers about solutions, companies can turn this puzzle into a way to make customers happier and their products better.

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