Google’s URL Shortner is being discontinued.

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Google’s URL Shortener is coming to an end. March 30 2019 is fast approaching so any existing users that are still using the console should start thinking about alternatives. There are plenty of alternatives and as google finishes their service you will have to start finding an alternative. Especially if you are new […]

Interactive Multimedia Content

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#contentmarketing #socialmedia It’s been over two decades since Bill Gates proclaimed “CONTENT IS KING” And from that moment on, the phrase became a phenomenon to Search engine optimisation Experts  (SEO) and marketeers across the world. He said……………….. “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet… the broad […]

Web Design Crazes Coming To Q4 2017

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The online world is ever-changing, so its vital to keep up with the latest trends no matter what field you are in. If you swpesialize in web design, this article is perfect for you – including the top web design trends to prepare for in Q4 2017.

Web Design Throughout Time Infographic

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It has now been over a quarter of a century since the first ever website was published back in 1991 –!Since then, web design along with technology has come a long way…Click here to view the evolution of web design [infographic]