Any FBA Sellers out there?

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Just stumbled upon the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, product research tool that shows you review count, estimated sales, revenue. Either to find winning product niches or to check a product. Good review and walk-through here Apparently, ‘revenue per review’ is the trick. High revenue is ok, but high revenue in proportion to reviews is a winner […]

Short ‘Industry Type’ List

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Been searching for a list of industries, which should be included in a ‘short but comprehensive’ drop-down selection. Cant find one, so making our own. Let me know if you can think of any more… Catering Finance Technology/Telecommunications Professional/Business Services Leisure Manufacturing Marketing Real Estate Retail Healthcare Other

Jesus Punches Jedi Knight – Best News of the Day!

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Does this answer the age old question, Who would win in a fight between…? A Jedi Knight was taken to hospital after being attacked by ‘Jesus’. How can atheists dispute the existence of God with news like this?

Is Google Right?

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True or false: Most if not all of your content should include a direct sales pitch. Google’s top definition of a Direct Sales Pitch… A direct sales pitch is a prepared speech given face-to-face, mentioning all the features and benefits of the product. The sales pitch conveys passion and enthusiasm for the product. After the […]

Best Pricing Plan Ever

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Looking for tracking Amazon S3 streaming video in phone app and came across this. s3stat have the best pricing structure I’ve seen, made me smirk this morning.  “For $300/month, we’ll even put on a tie when we talk to you on the phone.”

Expanded Text Ads Character Limit

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Keep having to keep googling “expanded text ads character limit”. If I put it here I’ll find it again Headline 1. 30 characters: Headline 2. 30 characters: Display URL: path 1. 15 characters: path 2. 15 characters: Description 80 characters: